Legal Services

Establishment of companies of all types (CORPORATES – PARTNERSHIP)

The firm includes a team of legal professionals specialized in Businesses and companies’ incorporation of all types, including individuals (Partnership – Limited Partnership) and Corporate companies (Joint stock – Limited Liability).
The most appropriate of these above mentioned are determined by the nature of the activity, the volume and capacity of the invested Capital, the nature of the anticipated partnership, and the legal adaptation of each partner so that the client would be enabled to establish to establish their own activity in the best appropriate legal entity so that no legal advantages or concessions are lost in any other law, at an appropriate tine and at the lowest possible cost, in addition to:

  • Open a Tax portfolio.
  • Issuance of the Commercial Record.
  • Importers Registry Accession.
  • Exporters Registry Accession.
  • Agent Registry Accession.

Licenses (INDUSTRIAL – COMMERCIAL) and conducting activity licenses

The firm draws out the required licenses for commercial and industrial purposes which are necessary for any activity to start commencing business, such as:

Industrial Licenses including:

  • The Licenses for construction of factories and plants including (initial approval – Building License – Operating License) and the following procedures for the licenses of the concerned parties (Civil Defense and Environment) in addition to the entrance of facilities necessary for the activity (Electricity – Water – Gas).
  • Issuance of the Industrial Registry for the Industrial Facilities.

Financial and Legal Consultations

  • Preparation of all the necessary studies for the projects.
  •  Assessment.
  •  Prospection of, and negotiation with potential investors.
  •  Assorting the structure of the Business transactions.
  •  Assorting and organizing the placements and private placements’ and tenders’ documents and necessary contracts to terminate and finalize the business deals.

Other Services:

  • Banking Finance Advisory (Corporate Loans – Factory Loans).
  • Financial Leasing Consulting (Equipment Purchase – Machinery – Production Lines – Vehicles).
  • Real Estate Consulting.
  • Schedule or settle distressed Debt with Banks.
  • Collection of Debts on behalf of others.
  • Deduction Consulting.
  • E-establishment of individual corporates, liabilities and Partnership companies, and Joint stock companies.
  • Provide all services for the Investors either within or Abroad the Arab Republic of Egypt A.R.E.
  • Legal Consultations (Criminal – Civil – Commercial – Contraventions – Misdemeanors).
  • The Egyptian Federation of Building and Construction Contractors Registry, amendment and renewal.
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