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Who we are

Roileass Financial Consultants (limited Responsibility company), was founded as an Egyptian Firm specializing in credit and financial consultations and it was developed as a leading consulting firm specializing in financial and credit consultations, whether from the Credit Market or the Capital Market, Corporate restructuring, and Insurance consulting for all the clients wishing to obtain Funding and consultation to establish or expand their projects to serve local markets as well as the Middle East.

Our Vision

Our firm has grown to be a leading consulting firm specializing in financial and credit consulting, both from credit market and the capital market, as well as security consultations of clients seeking finance and consulting to expand their projects to serve the local market as well as the middle region.

Strategic Solutions

Roileass offers support to firms to overcome financial problems that they might encounter by providing solutions to those problems after specialized studies and analyzing the financial data of the firm or organization, and the evaluation of the working system in the various sectors of the firm and how to manage its resources at all levels, which contributes to identifying deficiencies in the working system and developing appropriate ways to deal with them.

Roileass also studies and evaluates market trends and determines mechanisms for proper physical handling. It helps the firm to make Sales and Purchasing decisions to ensure the Firm’s financial soundness and enables it to properly manage its resources and assets of all types, even if it requires restructuring the Organization’s administrative system, including the structure of the working human resources.

Roileass also provides Export and Import- related consultations and services, and identifies the bases and schemes for the development of the working accounting systems of the enterprise, with the development of marketing, sales, and other sectors.

Our Strategic Solutions Include:

  • Import Financing
  • Export Financing
  • Open Accounts
  • Letters of Credit
  • Bank Guarantees

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391 projects
57 workers
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