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Through a team of competent and professional certified accountants, Roileass harnesses all its professional tax expertise to serve clients affairs and interests related to the Tax Department and therefore Audits and reviews all the financial business performed by the client with others (Sale – Purchase – Service delivery, etc.) from a taxation point of view (General taxes – Sales Taxes – Payroll – Stamp Taxes – Real Estate Taxes) periodically so that the firm’s tax services system provided to the client is very effective, And the tax services that the firm provides to clients are:

Preparation of Tax Declaration

  • Preparation of the Tax Declaration on behalf of the client on all commercial, industrial, and service activities through a team of highly trained accountants in the preparation of all Tax Declaration (monthly sales taxes – quarterly payroll tax credits – quarterly tax deductions).
  • Laws and Executive instructions issued regarding the client’s activity are being take into consideration when preparing the client’s annual budget, as well as the profitability ratios, and the presentation and tabulation of the organization’s business results are simplified, in accordance with the tax inspection requirements, so that the client does not experience the tax administration’s penalty.

Technical follow-up to client status

  • Provide the clients with reports on the impact of any changes to applicable and active tax laws, ministerial decisions, executive instructions, and periolibros issued by the Tax Department, measuring the change in the client’s tax liabilities and proposing appropriate legal procedures.
  • Continuous advice and guidance providence to the client in respect of the sales taxes of commodities and services and the duties exempted from them in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws so that the client may avoid the error or fault in collecting the tax or calculating the due on his activity.
  • Examining the implications of important decisions made by activity management that may affect the client tax status and take actions in accordance to it.

Legal follow-up to client status

Legal follow-up to client tax status begins with good preparation for tax screening on behalf of the client and away from the client’s premises to avoid the breakdown of the client’s financial management business system, by preparing tax technical analysis for client’s budget and tax declarations, so that the Tax Department can easily check the clients’ accounts and documents without any obstructions.
In case of any disagreements – God forbid – in points of views on the method of applying the Tax between the client and the Tax Department

  • Legal actions are taken to reserve the rights of the client.
  • Presence in front of the interior committees and appeal committees, as well as the complaints committees, and conciliation committees, to offer the client’s legal and corroborative views.
  • Attending to the Ministry of justice experts in all degrees of litigation until the client has obtained all his legal rights and has lifted the injustice applied over the client.
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