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Assets Management

Assets Management Include:

  • Preparation of studies of financial policies and plans.
  • Undertake a study and assessment of the financial status, prepare and propose alternatives and solutions for the development of the organization’s business activity in accordance with strategic input parameters.
  • Analysis and development of systems for financial and accounting aspects.
  • Preparation of budgetary and internal control policies and procedures.
  • Preparation of financial reporting regulations and procedures and cost accounting.
  • Preparation of policies and procedures for procurement, contracts and warehouses.
  • Undertake a review and Audit and financial analysis of the organization’s status and provide a customized report.
  • Preparation of studies for the design of the accounting and financial system.
  • Establish procurement and compliance policies.
  • Assist individuals in reviewing, Auditing and assessing advanced payments and commitments and suggest the appropriate terms for the client’s status.
  • Preparation of procedures, and Assets and inventory financial control.
  • Review and Audit the Organization’s status and submit a customized special report.
  • Preparation of the study of the financial alternatives to develop the Organization’s business activity according to strategic input data.
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