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Our client Accounting Services includes all elements of financial transactions proof.

Designing the appropriate accounting system for the organization:

In order to be economically viable, the accounting system is required to be efficient and effective. In other words, in the preparation and design of each Organization’s financial accounting systems, the measures and procedures shall be taken in accordance with the nature of their activity and the extent of their communications with others, manually and using computerized software, either integrated or custom designed programs, depending on the circumstances and nature of each Organization.

  • Designing a practical and effective documentary control system based on the nature of the activity and capacity of communication with others, to ensure the financial supervision and periodic Audit of the Organization’s accounts so that errors do not accumulate and the rights of the Organization are lost to the third party.
  • Designing a Warehouse control cycle that is appropriate to the nature of the Commodities in which the Organization trade in, which require to have a customized surveillance nature, for example (Foodstuff inventory – Medicines and Medical supplies).

Designing cost systems for industrial activities

The most appropriate method of activity nature and production method is used to limit the cost of both direct and indirect activity to reach the real cost of the product so that project management can:

  • Determine a Sale price covering all production and administrative costs.
  • Scientific analysis of cost elements to facilitate for the project management to identify the causes of cost inflation and how these points are addressed.
  • Scientifically Analyzing cost elements, enables project management to maximize its utility.
  • Analysis of production capacity at each production level, comparing them to the target of production and linking them to the costs of each production stage, which facilitates to project management to reach the appropriate marginal cost in light of the production capacity.
  • Scientifically analyzing cost elements enables project management to take the appropriate and useful decision in case of competition in a particular field by decreasing prices or giving specific discounts to attract clients and increase sales. Scientific analysis of cost elements enables project management to make the appropriate and useful decision in case of market stagnate in certain commodities by decreasing prices or giving specific discounts to attract clients and increase sales.

Measuring the production cost and the marginal cost of production

The firm provides advisory services in the field of industrial costs, helping the activity management to Review, Audit and measure industrial operating costs and reach the lowest levels to enable the activity management to compete, and cover the fixed cost and achieve appropriate profits.

Documentary audit of all the organization's financial operations

We regularly review and Audit documents of financial and legal transactions to which the client is a party in order to prevent loss of rights by third parties or from taking place in any legal matters and shall:

  • Provide advice and consultancy on what should be followed so that errors and faults will not reoccur.
  • Submit Reports of the above financial matters and transactions to the client on a regular basis so that they are fully aware of all the financial matters and transactions of their business.
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