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Financial Services

The Financial Services Section is the main nerve of any new or existing organization and seeks financial advice on the proper disbursement of resources available to the activity management to formulate the project’s financial policy, especially at the start of the activity and at the lack of available liquidity. Some of our financial services are described below:

a- Feasibility Studies for the projects and expansion plans of the activities

Through a team of competent specialists in financial and economic studies, the feasibility study for new projects or the study of expansion plans for existing projects is prepared on a scientific and practical basis, in addition to study of the investment opportunities and their economic feasibility such as:

  • The opportunity to acquire an existing project, whether with the same activity or a different activity, but with a good investment opportunity.
  •  The opportunity to expand by attracting new partners.
  •  The opportunity to integrate activity with another activity to increase competitive strength and control the market for certain commodities.

b- Restructuring, rehabilitation, and raising financial efficiency of the Organization

Some organizations are subject to financial shocks due to market conditions and due to falsely estimating market forecasts by the activity management. Therefore, one of the most important points that we take into consideration is to provide technical support of managing client activity by:

  • Study of countable financial sources.
  •  Examine the credit policy given to the customers of the client being studied.
  •  Examine the strength and weaknesses of credit policy.
  •  Propose solutions and alternatives to address Liquidity problems.

c- Assisting organizations to obtain loans of all types

It’s important for the organizations wishing to obtain funding to identify and mention in their application the most appropriate funding alternatives for the organization before submitting to any funding institution, .We therefore provide some guidance regarding the terms and documents that are usually required by each type of organization Funding, which must be prepared before applying to any of the funding institutions:

  • Ensure that the activity needs funding.
  •  Select the type and size of facility required.
  •  Preparation of the client’s credit portfolio.
  •  The Trade-off between the best bank offers and the best interest rates and commissions.
  •  Apply to the bank for the required facility.
  •  In case of the absence of good financial management, we will, on our part, monitor the facility and ensure that it is properly disbursed on behalf of the client.

d- Settlement of corporate financial disputes with banks and scheduling of loans

In case of client financial shocks and non-payment for any reason, we examine the reasons for stumbling and non-payment, and we propose solutions to the client, and make a settlement and schedule of debts after negotiating with the creditor bank or lenders in general on the size of the debt, method, and date of payment.

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